Title Plant Services

We maintain comprehensive title data of documents recorded in the county office on a daily basis to ensure we are current, helping Title Company agents to complete their research as quickly and accurately as possible.

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We extend our operations and deliveries 24 hours and 7 days a week to meet the turn times

We post over 100k plant records on a daily basis to keep our plant dates current in 650+ counties in the West, Mid-west, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions

Each plant posting adheres to the SOP and is driven by our well trained and dedicated workforce

Technology driven validations and business intelligence tools are being implemented at both the posting and verification processes

    Image Indexing

We examine scanned images frame by frame to identify the first page of a document and then group it to the following series of pages that form the document together.
We check the book / page number as a prefix of one by one with image book number / year with image appearing
Verify each page number one by one with image number alongside CFN Number
Rotate images that are scanned incorrectly and mark those images which are poor in quality
Merge all the pages and form a document and prepare the output as batch.

    Data Entry

We abstract the key information from the recorded document which includes legal, extension, parcel, case & consideration amount, among other variables. We provide reliable, timely, and accurate results while also including data entry and verification processes to ensure that all data collected is properly entered into our database.

    Fallout Research

Research that identifies the correct legal & extension for documents that have not met the property control validations. These are generally systematic legal descriptions which don’t pass through property control and need additional research to validate entries.
A document that had data gathered and keyed during the data entry process but failed the validation process will be moved to fallout research, those documents flagged for research because their legal information may have been incorrect, incomplete or the property itself may have been vacated or re-platted.

    Plant and Property Control Maintenance

A supplementary data entry/indexing function performed on recorded document images like mortgages, deeds, assignments, etc. The images are provided by the client and Stellar resources key various data from the images including Document Type/Subtype, Legal, Reference Number, Loan Amount, etc. Under Property control maintenance we perform Maintenance of subdivision edits database where in the staff verifies, updates and edits database by using certified maps and government approved agreements and records. This database is used as for suspension and validation of keyed elements.


Our experienced researchers examine the partial legal documents, accurately locate the piece of property, and graph the property perimeter to identify its location within the section, township, and range.
Below are the types of locates that we perform:
1. Locates containing legal descriptions that do not require drawing. A ruler is not required but manual mapping is performed using a section chart. These properties also do not specify a starting point.
2. Locates requiring the use of a ruler and an understanding of scales to draw the property on the section chart. These properties have a specified starting point.
3. Locates involving advanced properties such as curves, partial sections, and bodies of water. This level also includes government lots and land grants.

    Backplant Indexing

As part of recent digitization efforts to modernize and make historical books available online, Stellar resources have been trained in screening and indexing document types, such as Subdivision, Official records, Maps, Tract Books across various media. The process requires the scanned images to be indexed based on the various land descriptions and the essential information available on the frames/images.